What is Nomad

Nomad is a product from HashiCorp for workload orchestration that that helps in easily deploy and manage any legacy or containerized oapplication using a single, unified workflow. 
Nomad can run a variety of workload which can be Docker, microservice, non-containerised, and batch applications.

Why Nomad

  • Nomad is simple to setup it comes as a single binary which is self contained.
  • Nomad can deploy containers and legacy application
  • Nomad supports GPU workloads
  • Nomad can easy integrate with other HashiCorp product

Where to find Nomad

Nomad can be downloaded from here:

How to use Nomad

Starting the agent in Dev mode

sudo nomad agent -dev

To see the nodes register in Nomad cluster

sudo nomad node status

Stopping the agent

Ctrl + C (interrupts signal)

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