What is Serverless computing?

Serverless computing (also known as Serverless Architecture or function as a serviceFaaS) is a cloud computing execution model where cloud provider manages the allocation and provisioning of servers and users have to just focus on their stateless application.

Who should use Serverless?

One should consider using a serverless provider if one have a small number of  functions that need to be hosted. One can consider to re-architect application according to serverless architecture to take benefit of existing application. 

Some Serverless services
From Amazon AWS Lambda :
From Azure Azure Functions:
From Google, cloud function : 

What is Stateless Function?

Stateless functions typically run inside stateless containers. These function execute separately from the standard application code. One have to effectively assume that function is invoked in a new container every single time.

What is Cold Starts?

Since functions run inside a container that is brought up on demand to respond to an event, there is some latency associated with it. This is referred to as a Cold Start. Your container might be kept around for a little while after your function has completed execution. If another event is triggered during this time it responds far more quickly and this is typically known as a Warm Start.

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