Google Anthos

What is Anthos?

Anthos is a multi-cloud and hybrid platform provided by Google for application management. With this one can moderinze existing application also build a new once and run it.

Why Anthos?

The main objectives of developing Anthos are to basically over come these enterprise challenges

  • Modernize in-place – Modernize your applications no matter where they are. Consistent management of your applications across multiple clouds and on-premises. Faster time to market, lower administrative overhead, and increased innovation capabilities.
  • Automate Security and Policy – Proactive service operations – manage at a higher layer of the stack, enabling greater application awareness, consistency, and control. Take a service-centric view of your infrastructure.  
  • Consistency – Anthos gives you one platform that you can run anywhere. It’s built on open source technology created by Google; so it’s portable, consistent, and extensible to help you future-proof your investments. 

Core Components of Anthos

  • Anthos GKE – Anthos GKE makes container management easy, with quick, managed, and simple installs as well as upgrades validated by Google. And Google Cloud Console gives you a single-pane-of-glass view for managing your clusters across on-premises and cloud environments.
  • Anthos Config Management – Anthos Config Management powers rapid and secure application development, enabling you to create a common configuration for administrative policies that apply to your Kubernetes clusters both on-premises and in the cloud. Evaluate changes and roll them out to all Kubernetes clusters so that your desired state is always reflected.
  • Anthos Service Mesh – Anthos Service Mesh, Google Cloud’s fully managed service mesh, lets you manage complex microservices architectures so you can get all the benefits of microservices without the hard work. Simplify operating services across the board, from traffic management and mesh telemetry to securing communications between services, taking a significant burden off your operations and development teams.

Alternative to Anthos

Few alternatives to Anthos are Azure Arc, Vmware Tanzu and Amazon Outposts

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